TBEX 2024 Spain – Email Marketing With AI

TBEX 2024 San Sebastian Spain – Email Marketing With AI

Thank you for attending my TBEX Presentation in San Sebastian, Spain.

I hope I was able to help you see AI in a totally new way.

Here is a PDF version of the presentation

(Press on the link and download to your computer)

In the first few slides, it shows chatGPT trying to create a presentation opening slide for me and failing even after i gave it a photo of me.

Here are some resources for you:

Which airline is right for you?

A beta version of an AI-based application designed to help you figure out which airline you should choose as your airline of choice based on where you live and how you travel. It will subscribe you to my frequent flyer list, so it can send you the information, but you can subscribe at anytime.

This is an example of something you can create as a lead magnet for your newsletter.

I would also love your feedback on how you think the AI did. Just reply to the email it will send you.

Which Airline Is Right For You?

Email Marketing Software


This is one of the two email marketing tools I use

Go to https://www.beehiiv.com?via=kerwin and use the code below when signing up:

  • Upstream

You will get:

  • 30-day free trial
  • 20%off for 3 months


Go to https://convertkit.com?lmref=_w56_g to sign up.

Travel Content Creators Stock Asset ( images, videos, etc.) Database [BETA]

Please help me test this concept. Free for content creators, a paid service for brands. The service allows you to share assets with other creators. Brands will pay to subscribe to the service and then you can work with them to have access to your assets on your own terms. As a Creator, there is no charge for you to join the service.

I look forward to you joining the service and providing feedback.

Travel Stock Database

Try the new beta service today!