Monetization – Affiliate Marketing: A New Program From Just For You

Affiliate Marketing is one of the sources of my monthly blogging income. Not the largest source, that’s Ads. There are many ways to do affiliate marketing but I will talk about one of the larger networks in this post.

One of the networks I use is I’ve been a member forever as they have a lot of travel partners. Basically, I pick a partner, agree to their terms, sometimes I get accepted immediately, other times I have to wait and sometimes I get denied. Par for the course I guess. but wait…

What CJ has done to help us with these denials is to create a program called Content Certified. This is where they pick some of the top programs and clears the way for you to get accepted into them. So all you really do is pick the ones that fits your brand and you’re almost always approved.


Content Pre-Approved Offers


They are looking for bloggers to join the program, so they created an affiliate program for referrals. Make sense right afterall, they are :-).

Now, they just don’t let anyone in, there are standards. Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to the sign-up page, read the info, watch the video, if you like what you’ve read, fill out the form a little way down the page on the right with your info. The important thing is where it asks for the Referral Code, enter 3501803. That’s how they know I sent you over and I’ll get a credit of $10 when you are approved. Total transparency there. The code is not required for you to sign up, so its totally up to you.
  2. The Content Team will screen all sign-ups to make sure they meet the acceptance criteria: the minimum traffic requirement (10k UMV is what they usually aim for), regularly updated & authentic content, tasteful site aesthetics, a privacy policy. No coupon or deal sites, please!

Once you get approved into the program, you will see that screenshot I have above, just Accept the programs that fits your brand, then get the code for the links, images, etc. place them on your assets and you are in.

So get in there and start making some money from affiliate links.The thing with affiliate links is to ensure that what you are selling matches what your readers want.

Are you using Affiliate programs?