Why Good Content Is Always King

Google Analytics

Top Three world's longest flights“Content Is Always King,” you hear this all the time, but is it really true?  Let’s see. I’m very big on what gets measured, gets managed.  Its a slogan that my ex-VP from a former company always told us in all her meetings with us.  As such, one of the first things I do when I create a new site is to add some sort of analytics tool as it helps me to see if my content is working.  My tool of choice is Google Analytics.

I like to see who is coming to my site and what they are doing, so I can tailor content for them, so I check my statistics all the time, but was a little delinquent in checking it lately for this site as I was traveling.  But I did for Cruisinaltitude.com a few days ago and holy cow, there was a huge spike in traffic on October 25, 2012!  See the image below.  At first I thought it was for another reason; i.e. I had done a review of Qatar Airways’ Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, but the date of the activity was wrong.

October 25, 2012 traffic spike for Cruisinaltitude.com

So upon checking, I realized that it was for a post I did way back in 2009 about the world’s longest flights.  You see, Singapore Airlines had announced they were pulling their flight from Newark to Singapore which is the world’s longest flight and also the second longest from Los Angeles to Singapore.  So everyone and their mother was now searching for that keyword and my site ranks well for it, always have.

Yahoo SearchesI give you this background to say that “content is always King.” I know its cliche, but its true.  When I wrote the article back in 2009, I did a lot of research on it, ensured that it had the right keywords for what people are searching for and today it’s the post that garners the most hits on the site.  The majority of that is from organic google searches.  Although, this time the majority of the searches came from Yahoo.

Your Takeaways

  1. Ensure you have some sort of Analytics Tool installed, preferably Google Analytics; there are several plug ins to use, I use this one
  2. Write good content that matches the purpose of your site
  3. Ensure the keywords are what your users are using to search; use the Google Keyword Tool to help

Then life will take its natural course and your content will be found by people who want to read it.

What have you found in your writings? Any similar story to share?  Please leave a comment below.