Facebook Ads Training: How To Increase Your Likes By Using Precise Interests

Using Precise Interests to target other fan pagesI learned this technique from Amy Porterfield; listening to her webinars as well as reading a bunch of Facebook forums and Web pages. Then I tried it, then tried it again and again, with good results as I combine it with other interests for the fans I’m looking for.

facebook Graph SearchThe key is to first use this search term in the Facebook search box (Graph Search): “Pages liked by people who like <insert the name of the name of the Facebook page here>”.

So how do you find the page you want to target? Well, it depends on what you want to do, so here goes:

Start with your own page as this will tell you what pages your own community members also Like. This is big as you will see that they usually like pages that are similar to yours; typically your competitors. Its interesting as this helps you to also figure out what services to offer your users. Once you’ve figured out a page to target do the following:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manage and click the “Create an Ad” button
  2. Determine the type of ad you want to run; I chose a Page Like Ad
  3. Choose the page for which you want to run the Ad
  4. Choose an image for your Ad
  5. Choose a headline for your Ad
  6. Choose a Call To Action text
  7. Scroll down to the Create Your Audience Section
  8. Choose your Location, Age and Gender you wish to target; these are the most powerful metrics of the Facebook Ad platform
  9. Facebook Precise InterestsUnder the Precise Interest field type in the name of the Facebook page you are targeting. Not all pages will show up as Facebook has not indexed all the pages just yet. So if the page you want is not shown as you type it in, then just try another page. The page name will show under the Precise Interest section of this dropdown.
  10. Now you can add other interests to further tailor your audience.
  11. Under the Bidding and Pricing Section, choose Optimize per clicks, manually bid for clicks and then choose your Pricing. use CPC and not CPM, so you actually pay per click, not per impression.
  12. Review and then Place Your Order. Facebook will then advise when the order is approved and it starts running.

Facebook Ads Results Nov 23, 2013There you are done; you’ve targeted your first Facebook pages using a Facebook ad.

Here’s a video to help you:

You can see my results so far of my current campaign.

Have you used this functionality before? What have your results been like?

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