Want A Cool Piece Of Video Software To Help You Showcase Your Videos?

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KerwinMcKenzie.com screenshotOne day I got an email to help beta test a piece of software. I did not hesitate to say yes as I love testing software. It’s what I did for years. It was a fun test and the software actually works well.

Now, its ready for you. 

The software is called “Simple Video Press.”

Learn more about Simple Video Press here: http://simplevideopress.com/.

Basically the software is designed to save you a ton of time & make publishing your videos on your WordPress site easy! Not only does it accomplish this it does a bunch more.

Customer Comments for SimpleVideoPress amzing2Some of the benefits of Simple Video Press are:

– Automate the posting of your new videos

– Easily increase YouTube subscribers

– Grow your email list on auto-pilot

– Import comments from YouTube to your site….

And a bunch more..

It’s really a pretty amazing piece of software!

They are releasing it on a limited basis – so they can make sure everyone gets the support they need. So if there are still copies available, I can’t recommend it enough!

If you like simplicity & automation – go here and pick up a copy of

the software before they run out: http://simplevideopress.com/.

You can see how I use it on two of my sites:

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