30 Things To Know For Better Pinterest

30 Things To Know For Better Pinterest

What’s New With Pinterest 2018

Mediavine and Pinterest did a Facebook video on this. I wrote out the questions and answers below. You can view the Facebook Live Video at :


with Amber from Mediavine with Aaron Ru and Leon Lim from Pinterest

1). How many times a day should I pin?

No point where its too much; pin away as much as you want. Just be mindful of overloading your followers.

2). How do you get your pins to show in the smart feed and search?

They are looking for historic pins to see how they do to decide what to do with the new pins. The key is to make sure that when your pins first appear on Pinterest, make sure your followers like them first as this is what they are using to do it.

3). Is a click worth less than a re-pin?

We are constantly evolving what weight to put on a particular action. Clicking through and re-pinning are great to have.

We try to get the content out to the followers right away.

Within the first few days you should see engagement from your followers.

4). How much do followers matter? How much of my total distribution comes through my followers?

Your followers is a tiny fraction of the total population of users who will see your pins.

They do pay attention to the followers when deciding to show the content

5). How do you get more followers?

Everyone should get the following tab in the next few months

6). How to grow followers?

– Make sure your audience on other platforms know you have a Pinterest profile
– Use the follow widget on your blog or domain
– If you’re engaging with your followers, then Pinterest will help you.
– They are now recommending creators and new people to follow
– Something they are just starting off with is looking at people who have engaged with you and suggesting your content to them

7). Does it matter what time you PIN?

No, time of day does not seem to affect engagement. If you pin when your followers are asleep they will still see it in the morning when they wake up

8). What’s new in the profile?

It’s available to everyone with a business account

a). There’s a carousel of pins that you can highlight.

b). They’ve exposed a few new metrics; Monthly views which captures the true reach on Pinterest

9). Pin image sizes; what’s recommended?

Square or a 2×3 ratio. 600×1260 will they still be shown but not optimized?

recommend a 2×3 ration or as close as possible. Square pins should be O.K. the idea should be that users can see all your pin when scrolling through

Draft pins will be seen less distribution in the App. Desktop will be a little better

10). What’s the deal with Sections? Will they appear in searches. Is there a benefit?

They are super excited about sections. it was community-driven, It’s for boards with broader categories

Providing additional meta data to Pinterest. It helps them to understand whats in the board. It’s useful for SEO purposes. use it!

11). Should I pin other people’s content, how much and why?

As a pinner think what would be the best experience from your followers seeing what you are posting.

A good combination of both is good. they welcome re-pins. Prioritizing fresh content from your Web site and fill in gaps with re-pins to ensure you always share new content with your audience.

12). what is pinterest vision of Group boards? re-pin rate dropped dramatically in the last two years.

Something they’ve seen over time is that people like the Pinterest content from the people they directly follow. When they pushed other people’s content on the users feed, its confuses them. As people have taken advantage of the group boards, its not good for the user. Don’t think of them as a tool for distribution. They are prioritizing content from personal pinners rather than group boards.

13). Does board order matter? Is there an internal mechanism for this?

No board order does not matter; not used in the rankings. Feel free to adjust this to what you want.

14). Is there a smart feed advantage to live pinning? Does a scheduler hurt you?

Tailwind and other schedulers are used often. They see it as a way to easily automate the process. They don’t want 20 pins to come from one blog post at one time. No penalization for third party tools like tailwind; they are a friend of the company.

They want more people to stay on Pinterest platform as they want the hits.

the analysis is much more robust than what they give tailwind. They want you to come to Pinterest and not other sites. they are revamping the analytics to get you to come to the site

Algorithm does not pay any attention to where the pin comes from

15). Many bloggers are seeing surge in traffic if they turn off rich pins. what’s the deal?

they think Pinner first. Rich pins do offer useful info as the meta data helps them to understand the content form the SEO side to help internal searches. It’s impossible to figure out how much traffic they will send to your site. Stronger click throughs for more actionable pin

he says that the content is what’s perhaps affecting the click through. They are still working to make rich pins better

They will be releasing some new formats soon to help with the user experience.

16). What’s Pinterest doing about stolen pins?

it’s a topic at top of mind for Pinterest

working on combative techniques. Aggressive investing in domain quality; make sure that the landing page content lives up to the pin. Loads quickly and does not spammy content.

Reach out the people’s content that you see is being stolen so they flag it. Tell Pinterest as well.

Work through the Help channels; they don’t have the capacity to go through it all, but copyright@pinterest.com is the email to send stuff to; they do have a 3 strikes policy; reach out to them if you have an issue. Here’s a link – https://www.pinterest.com/about/copyright/dmca-pin/

17). hashtags? what’s the deal? Should we update old pins to add hashtag? Are hashtags useful?

feel free to add hashtags on old pins if you like.

they are trying to keep the content fresh; newer pins are featured over older ones.

18). Can you re-visit a topic say holiday pins? (evergreen pins)

Create new content rather than editing the old one; they prioritize new content over old

It could be confusing if a user sees an old pin

19). Are there best practices for hashtags?

They realize that there is keyword stuffing; its against their TOS. They are looking for it and will penalize you when found.

Keep the hashtags relevant and make sure they are timely and topical; see what hashtags people are using; core verticals, fashion, travel that works best on say Instagram will work on Pinterest too.

20). Will you see how people find you using hashtags in analytics?

not really as analytics is too new for hashtags. No timeline as yet.

21). Are keywords more important than hashtags?

Yes. A perfect pin has great keywords, description and relevant hashtags.

22). Any tips on getting to the top of the search results? seems random at times.

pins are ranked on how likely they will be engaged. Pay attention to the engagement rate of the pins in the new analytics. Use that as a guide.

23). Does Pinterest plan to pool hashtag search results?

Search results will always give you the most relevant results.

24). Can you see which percentage of your followers use mobile on your Pinterest analytics?

No, not at this time. the vast majority of the user base is on mobile though.

25). Should they re-make draft pins using a 2×3 ratio?

Yes. As they are favoring those.

26). Does using rich pins give you an advantage as to how pins are presented?

rich pins are prioritized

27). how about no text on the photo?

no prioritization based on text on photo or not. You can use it if you want though so as to be clearer.

28). Do you crawl people’s site to see if they have more content on something? Can you see if they are an authority? Can you add context when you crawl?

Yes. they do crawl the site of the underlining pin. what content lives on the landing page; is it 404 or blank, etc. So they can understand if the page is spam or not.

They are in the early stages to see if the pin is from an authoritative site.

29). Quick tips for running an ad and getting best results?

Same as for organic pins best practices.

30). what’s your one tip to content creators?

Try to understand what content your followers like. Keep that in mind and give that to them.

Points from Pinterest

  1. They care about consistency; pin daily and weekly. Keep pinning.
  2. Upgrade to the business account.
  3. make sure you verify your domain so they know which content belongs to you on Pinterest.