Need Help Managing Your Blog and Social Media? Here’s 17 Effective Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Help You

Chris Ducker - Virtual Freedom is coming

Preface By Kerwin McKenzie

I’m a firm believer in doing everything myself. Well, I was until a few years ago when I needed to re-design my website; I tried, it took me forever and still I had no results. So then I hired a guy from the Philippines to take care of it and in about a month or so he was done. And so I was launched into using virtual assistants to take care of the repetitive stuff I ad as well as the stuff of which I know little. This frees me up to do other more important tasks.

Chris Ducker Virtual FreedomMy friend Chris Ducker, who in my mind is the king of the whole virtual assistants world has written this article for me to explain this some more. Take it away Chris.

Here’s Chris

The company or personal blog is one of the most important aspects of the business for an online entrepreneur. It is where you can interact with your followers and build trust with your readers.  When you become a recommended resource for knowledge on a particular subject, the chances of you selling a product or service becomes much higher. People buy from those who they trust and having a personal or company blog is a great way to promote yourself to potential customers, and give them an idea of who you are and what your business is about. Here we will address the issues surrounding blog management & social media with the help of a virtual assistants.

In today’s society, maintaining online sites is not only a savvy business practice but rapidly becoming an obligatory part of running a company. Ask anyone who has a blog, it is a time consuming process! Regular tasks include updating the website, writing content, editing images, SEO, promotion, WordPress management and replying to comments.

As entrepreneurs, time is our most valuable asset and should be valued as highly as currency. It is admirable to spend hours upon hours working on your first blog or business, crawling the internet looking for SEO tips and solutions to WordPress problems, but in all fairness you should be looking to outsource all of this as soon as you can. Why spend hours trying to fix issues that someone else can fix in a matter of minutes? Why do the slow stuff that someone else can manage just as well as you? That is just bad for business.

Virtual assistants are a convenient way to help business owners maximize their internet presence and therefore, their marketability. Lets begin with blog management.

Blog Management
One of the first jobs that many business owners will outsource is their blog management How can a virtual assistant help you to manage your blog and become more efficient?

  1. Your assistant can draft posts and research topics. This allows you to log in and elaborate on the headings and information they have gathered therefore saving you time and effort
  2. If you have hired an english proficient VA then they can also do jobs such as correcting grammar, proofreading and spellcheck
  3. Adding links to relevant posts on your site and elsewhere on the internet, as well as repairing any broken links on your website
  4. Uploading images to WordPress and adding images to posts with ALT tags and descriptions for seo
  5. Fill in tags and seo Yoast details to improve search engine rankings
  6. Updating plugins and WordPress when necessary. (Always backup WordPress!)
  7. Set featured image
  8. Run GT Metric scan to check site speed
  9. Edit and update old posts (Google appreciates this!)

Do you see how much is involved in managing a blog now? This is only scratching the surface as now the post needs to be promoted. This is another instance where a virtual assistant can be a great asset for a company leaving you the time to create quality content while removing the monotony of tasks associated with blogging.

Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, G+ and Instagram are only a handful of the sites that are popular nowadays. People have been seized with the desire to share things with friends and associates every moment of every day. As a business, you need to evaluate where to put your energy and focus. You do not need to be on every site and for hours every day, but alas, you must embrace and become proficient at social media if you wish to succeed in today’s online world.

The demand for a continued social networking presence can become overwhelming, tiresome and downright timewasting. It is a good part of your business to outsource, so that you do not become distracted by all that goes on in the virtual world. Creating a social media plan for your assistant to follow is an essential part of handing over the reigns, where you detail the posting schedule for each channel of social media during the week and what to post.

You can use plugins such as Jetpack, which will automate social media posting as soon as the article goes live on your website, but this may not always be convenient or the best way to promote. Putting a personal touch can be the difference between using social to have people engage with your business or avoid it. Some tasks for a virtual assistant who is managing your social media include:

  1. Have your VA connect your social media accounts in WordPress – if you have not already done so.
  2. Have your VA verify Google Plus Authorship
  3. Using a social media plan – have your assistant source images, posts and come up with questions to share on your accounts
  4. Connect all accounts to Klout
  5. Depending on the scale and size of your business there may be repeated updating profiles on a vast array of social media accounts and it is important to keep on top of this.
  6. Engage with people on social media
  7. Keep customers up-to-date about upcoming events.
  8. It is important to know your customers – Create a poll to ask questions about what your customers want

There are many ways outsourcing blog management & social media to a virtual assistant can prove a beneficial arrangement for both parties. By removing mundane tasks made necessary by the constant demands of blogging & social media, the virtual assistant will give you back your ability to focus on creating killer content and moving the business forward. Who really wants to be the person who ends up wading through mountains of material for their blog, editing all the content and then promoting it? Does it not make perfect sense to hand over these tasks as soon as you can and give yourself some virtual freedom!

About the Author:
Virtual Freedom by Chris DuckerChris Ducker is a successful entrepreneur, blogger, and podcaster known for his thought leadership about building businesses and lifestyles that thrive with virtual teams. His highly-anticipated book—Virtual Freedom: How to Work with Virtual Staff to Buy More Time, Become More Productive, and Build Your Dream Business—comes out April 1 and is available for pre-order now.

That’s My Idea, You Can’t Use It Without my Permission – Travel Blogger Intellectual Property

Gigantic Phone on Building in HoustonIt’s only Wednesday and already its been an interesting week in the Travel Blogging sphere. I’m writing this in Houston, TX today while I have a bubble tea at my favorite Teahouse, call the “the Teahouse.” So what’s been going on?

Intellectual Property Fight

I think it was last week that a fellow travel blogger, Turner Barr, reached out to us, the travel blogging community for help as a company ,Adecco, was using his brand without consent. To make a long story short, after much assistance from his fellow bloggers as well as news outlets picking up the story, it looks like both parties have come to an agreement. Based on the terms of the agreement, we may never know, but its good that they had a resolution. The story does bring up a few points that I’d like to note here:

  1. The Travel Blogging Community is very close knit and will rise to an occasion to help another travel blogger in addition to other causes that affects us. However, it was interesting to watch how the conversion intertwined as more was revealed about the story. In the end, the infringements were removed, but the whole experience is a case study for group dynamics.
  2. Protect your brand from the inception. It may mean trademarking it, registering it, etc. Check with your local countries to be certain. In protecting your brand, ensure you do research as well. You can have a great idea, but did you get there first and protect it? That will be important. And if someone is infringing on your brand, don’t be afraid to approach them nicely and let them know. If you have any issues at that point and decide to fight it, contact a professional in that area.
  3. You should hire people who are skilled in the appropriate areas to help you. Many travel bloggers suggested that Turner consult an intellectual property attorney, but he did not for reasons he outlined in the facebook group post. That’s fine, but I know computers, travel, e-commerce and marketing. I don’t know the law, so I would have found someone who does. But that’s my personal decision. The take away is to get the right person to do the right job.

TBEX EU ’13 Speaker

TBEX Europe DublinIt’s time to present your speaking engagements for the next TBEX which will be held in Dublin, Ireland in October 2013. I’ve just sent in my topic for this year, let’s see what happens. You can do the same here. Hurry as it all goes poof on July 5, 2013.

If you’ve never attended a TBEX Conference, you should as its a place for you to meet other travel bloggers as well as industry professionals including Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs). Plus, you get to see a great city, Dublin and interact with locals, not to mention drink some Guinness and I’m sure get a tour of the Guinness Brewery. So if it fits your plans/goals, you may purchase your tickets for the Dublin event here.

Writing a new course or two

On the heal of the 21-Day Travel Blogging Course, I’ve realized that there are two areas that should be broken out in much more details. So, I’m working on that.

Resources Page

I’ve been writing this page for a few months now; its a new page with a list of resources to help you out. It’s a work in progress, so stayed tuned.

Well, that’s it for this post. If you have any comments on any of the items discussed here, please leave a comment below and let me have it :-).