TBEX Stockholm 2016 Presentation – How to make the most of TBEX as a first timer

TBEX first timers in Stockholm 2016
TBEX first timers in Stockholm 2016

Thank you for attending my talk at TBEX Stockholm. I certainly  hope you enjoyed it and have now met a few more people than you imagined you would when you first decided to attend.

Cherish these relationships and nurture them so they will grow. Do not under any circumstances abuse them. The new people you’ve met have entrusted you and you should honor that trust.

Here are some resources that will be useful to you:


  1. Presentation (25MB)
  2. My complimentary email marketing book specifically for you.
  3. Business of Blogging Facebook Group – Draw on the knowledge of others in the travel blogging space and also share your own knowledge
  4. Global Bloggers Network – A place where you can ask questions of many bloggers worldwide and also impart your knowledge as well.
  5. Travel Blogger Chronicles – A place where you can see what other bloggers are writing about and share your posts as well.
  6. 21 Day Travel Blogging Course – This is a free email course I’ve developed to get you started.

Please leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of the session and also if you have any tips of your own or any funny networking stores.

Again, thank you.

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