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21-Day Travel Blogger Blueprint

Welcome to Travel Blogger 101. I’m Kerwin and I’ve put together a FREE 21-day Travel Blogger Blueprint course just for you.

So if you are a travel blogger and you’re just not sure how to setup your blog or if you currently have a blog and just need a little more guidance this might be the course for you.

I’ve had my own blog since 1998, Cruisinaltitude.com and then I setup another one in 2002, Passrider.com, for airline employees. This one actually gets pretty good traffic because the content is good and content is what people are looking for. About 39,000 unique visitors per month and most of those are returning customers. I probably get about 20-30% return customers every month.

I’ve setup this course in 21 parts; which is one part per day. And what you’ll get is information on:

  • How To Choose A Niche
  • How To Setup Your Blog
  • How To Choose A Domain Name
  • How To Do Monetization; Everyone is always asking about Monetizations

I didn’t start really monetizing my blogs ’till maybe two years or so ago; I should say seriously try to start monetizing it ’cause I did it for fun and it was just a matter of giving information out there. So lots of you will have different reason for doing your blog; you don’t always have to try to make money from your blog.

I wrote an e-book and that’s one of the monetization methods, but I’m going to have a whole piece on monetization so you can check that out. But that’s closer to the end of the course as I want to give you the basis of setting up a blog and things like that first.

  • It will tell you about Traffic. Tell you about some Facebook stuff, how to use Facebook to get exactly who you want. I’ll even show you some stats that I did for one of my sites to increase the number of Facebook Likes. And the idea of course is to get people to come to Facebook and then get them to Like your page then do other stuff after that. And do different kinds of marketing to them.

So, if you’re interested in the 21-Day Travel Blogger Blueprint Course, put your name and e-mail address to the left or click the link below and I’ll send you some information.

This is Kerwin with Travel Blogger 101 for the 21-Day Travel Blogger Blueprint.

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Here’s what you will learn:

  • Overview
  • Day 1 – Choosing A Niche
  • Day 2 – Branding
  • Day 3 – Getting The Right Blogging Tools
  • Day 4 – Choosing A Domain Name
  • Day 5 – Hosting
  • Day 6 – Deciding on A Blogging Platform
  • Day 7 – Must Have Pages
  • Day 8 – Develop A Media Kit
  • Day 9 – Analytics
  • Day 10 – Collecting Leads
  • Day 11 – Blogging frequency
  • Day 12 – Using Photos
  • Day 13 – Social media
  • Day 14 – Traffic
  • Day 15 – Outsourcing
  • Day 16 – List of Top Travel Bloggers
  • Day 17 – Speaking Engagements
  • Day 18 – Monetization
  • Day 19 – Join Travel Organizations
  • Day 20 – Attending Conferences/Seminars
  • Day 21 – Celebrate

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