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8 Ways To Get Your Site To Show Up In The Search Engines (SEO)

May 4, 2016


Here’s a topical question How to show up in the search engines for a particular terms. Well, here are 8 ways to get your site to show up in the search engines. It’s all about SEO, search engine optimization

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Monetization – Affiliate Marketing: A New Program From Just For You

April 24, 2016


Affiliate Marketing is one of the sources of my monthly blogging income. Not the largest source, that’s Ads. There are many ways to do affiliate marketing but I¬†will talk about one of the larger networks in this post. One of the networks I use is I’ve been a member forever as they have a […]

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14 Ways To Get Recognized And Get Those Numbers Up

April 14, 2016


Here I talk about 14 ways to get your brand recognized.

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23+ Tips To Make You A Better Travel Scoper on Periscope

August 26, 2015



23+ tips to make you a better travel scoper on Periscope.

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15 Steps To Get You Started Using Targeting With Facebook Ads

August 4, 2015


Facebook Ads Targeting 15 Steps

This post shows you how to setup your very first Facebook Ads in a step-by-step approach.

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Income Reports: Blog Monetization – 11 Travel Blogs Bare It All

June 3, 2015


Income Reports: Blog Monetixation - 11 travel blogs bare it all

Blog monetization is a tough topic to address; these 11 blogs bare it all to its readers.

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Facebook Feature: Sell Something Is The Newest Addition To Facebook Groups

March 23, 2015


Facebook Sell Something section Feature

Take a look at Facebook’s Sell Something feature.

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Join And Get Paid For Your Influence

February 24, 2015

0 Comments looking for influencers

TheMidGame is looking for bloggers to work with brands. This is a paid gig.

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Twitter: How To View Your Tweet Activity On The Twitter App

February 22, 2015

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How To View Your Twitter Activity on the Twitter App

A look how to view your tweet activity while using the twitter App.

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Facebook Training: How To Use The New Facebook Select Targeting Option When Creating A Post

February 9, 2015


Facebook Select Targeting - How To Use The New Facebook Select Targeting Option

This post shows you how to use the new Facebook Select Targeting Option when writing a post.

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